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    Preset management


      Hi Adobe,

      my feature request for the next version of Audition is "Preset management". This means:


      1) All effect presets export/import.

           Ok, I know this is possible even in the current version (via copying Audition.ini for export and dropping it on audition.exe for import) but that's just part of the thing. It would be great to have the exported presets in some human readable format (such as XML) so these could be easily shared, modified by hand, version controlled, diffed... The current format is textual, indeed, but not human readable. I think this human readable format could even be the native format used by Audition. Put presets into subdirectories based on effect which they belong to and there store the presets in individual files (not necessarily having filename=presetname to allow all special characters). With that export/import would be the easiest thing on Earth.


      2) Better preset management in Audition. Renaming is not (always?) possible, the editbox containing the name of preset is too short etc.


      3) It would be also great to describe in release notes of each next version how to get all the current presets into the new version, whether there are some incompatibilities and how to overcome them (having XML representation of the presets could help in this case). When I was ugrading to 3.0 I had to search the Internet a lot to find out how to transfer my presets to the new version.


      Otherwise great product!