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    Dreamweaver installation woes

    Dana Sutton Level 1

      Jus t in  case any  Adobe personnel monitor this site I would like to register my  extreme unhappiness with Dreamweaver installation  process. Normally, when one upgrades from one version of a software product to another, a lot of stu ff associated with the earlier version gets automatically transferred to the new one.. Not so with Dreamweaver. When  I upgraded to CS5 I was obliged to manually transfer or create afresh:  a. ) preferences, b.) extensions, c.) user-created commands, d.) dictionaries. I was  obli ged not  only to  do all this  donkey-work man ually but  also to s pend  a lot of time  digging  around finding exactly whe re  all this st uff is store d on  my computer. Thanks a lot, guys. An up grade   that  should have taken 10  - 15 minutes wound u p costi ng  me  an entire day. Although Dreamweaver is a fine  prod uct, this kind of c ustomer mistreatment  makes me feel extremely unfriendly towards Adobe, and when CS6 comes along the memory of this experience will make me t hink long and  hard before making th e upgrade.