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    Add table with designated number of rows and columns JS

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      Simple question: What is the syntax for adding a table with a specified number of rows and columns? I'm not getting it. (I know how to add them later, but I want to do it when I create the table). Here's the entry in the ESTK:



      Tables.add (to: LocationOptions , reference:any, withProperties: Object ): Table

      Creates a new table.

      to (optional): Data Type: LocationOptions , Default Value: LocationOptions.UNKNOWN
      The location of the new table relative to the reference object or within the container object. (Optional)

      reference: Data Type: any
      The reference object. Note: Required when the to value specifies before or after. Can accept: Table, XmlStory, XMLElement, TextFrame, Text, Character, Word, Line, Paragraph, TextColumn, InsertionPoint, Story, Cell or TextStyleRange. (Optional)

      withProperties: Data Type: Object
      Initial values for properties of the new Table (Optional)


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