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    dwg/dxf export problem


      I‘m trying to export an .ai file to a .dwg or .dxf. The programm does not show any errors during the export (doesn't get stuck or anything..), but the only thing coming out is a file ending in .dwg (or .dxf) but its only a simple text document.


      Help Please!!



      The file was originally a dwg file I opened and edited in AI CS4 and saved as an .ai file

      The drawing fits the print area, polylines only, rgb modus, only one layer


      Picture 12.jpg

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          Monika Gause Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          Maybe your computer didn't recognize the file type and just shows any application it associates with it. Have you already tried opening the file in a CAD application or re-opening it in Illustrator?

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            Silkrooster Adobe Community Professional & MVP

            If I recall a dxf file is a text file.

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              Anish Singla Adobe Employee

              DXF file is internally a text file only, If you don't have autocad installed on your system then it is associated to a text editor by default. you can open it in illustrator by dragging and dropping or via File->Open dialog.

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                maria_sid Level 1

                thx for your answers, unfortunatelly problem not solved..

                sorry about the dxf, you are absolutelly right, it is a text file

                but what i actually need is the .dwg, which i is definitely not a text file, and my computer automatically opes with AI


                I do not work with AutoCAD, but ArchiCAD and I need a way to import something from AI into it

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                  Anish Singla Adobe Employee

                  if you wish that DWG file should openby default on ArchiCAD, then you should change the association of the file. Right Click on the file and select Get info. in the Open With section check the application. if it is Illustrator or Text Edit change it to ArchiCAD. Hope this helps.

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                    Silkrooster Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                    The only time a file has to be associated with a program, is when you plan on loading the file from windows explorer or similar file browser. As long as the program you are using accepts that format, you won't have an issue. However, if the file is corrupted, or the program does not support any formats that illustrator supports, then you have other issues than association. The former issue could be caused by illustrator itself, a problem with your drive or a difference in how each program interprets how that format is suppose to behave( a bug in either program could also be an issue). The latter can be fixed using a file format convertion program which supports a format that both programs recognize.

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                      With both MAC and Windows the file extension is typically assoiciated with an application when an application is installed. During that time many files may become associated with that applcation. (Photoshop will take PSD, JPG, TIF, and so on)


                      Mac OSX10.0-10.5 and earlier use a two-part file and associate the file itself regardless of the extension, but also use the extension when that info is unavailable.


                      If no association is made or existing with the file or extention you have, the default is a text editor usually. (for Mac is may also say "unix executable file in there is no extension in the filename, in which case, type in an extenion and try that)


                      So your options are:

                      1. open your file from within the application you want.

                      2. Drag the file to the application icon to open it

                      3. Change/assign the asociation default to whatever application you desire. Do this in windows by right clicking and selecting "open with" and select do this always. Mac, select the file, then control click and select get info. Change the "open with" to the application you want. Select the "change all" button if you want all files to open with that application.



                      EXPORT DWG or DXF from Illustrator:

                      Note: Illustrator will allow for open paths to have shape fills. For instance if you draw two sides of a triangle in illustrator, it will make a fill even though there is no third side. If you want closed paths, ensure they are closed before exporting.


                      1. Select FILE, EXPORT, DXF or DWG.


                      2. This is the easiest way. Set the Artwork Scale to 1 point = 1 unit. It is important that you select points for this step. Illustrator uses points as the 1:1 scale basis.


                      3. Now set the  Artwork Scale from "points" to whatever unit is actually in use. Illustrator will do the math and change the scale.


                      For instance, if you are using inches then FIRST set the Artwork Scale to 1 point = 1 unit, then NEXT select inches, and it will show 0.0139 inches = 1 unit.


                      1 unit = 1 points
                      1 unit = 0.0833 picas
                      1 unit = 0.0139 inches
                      1 unit = 0.3528 mm
                      1 unit = 0.0353 cm
                      1 unit = 1 pixels


                      Now when the DWG or DXF opens in Illustrator again, or a CAD program, the scale is the same. If prompted you can use the ratio above. I advise sending the ratio with the file. (e.g. 1 unit = 0.0139 inches)

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                        Goldenbusman Level 1

                        BTW - asociations are only applicable when you double-click a file.


                        If you often need to open files in more than one application, drag the file to the app icon. Mac use the dock, windows, put an icon (shortcut to the app) on the desktop.