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    Link Robohelp Page to Dreamweaver Page

      I need to link a specific Robohelp document to a Dreamweaver document but all I am able to link to is the welcome page and the user then has to search for the page I am refering to. How do I link the pages?
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          Peter Grainge Adobe Community Professional (Moderator)
          Welcome to the forum.

          You say you want to link to a Dreamweaver document but then say all you can link to is the Welcome page which sounds like the RoboHelp default topic.

          I suspect that what you want is for a Dreamweaver page to have a link in it and that link is open a RoboHelp topic, also the RoboHelp topic is not the default topic. Is that correct?

          If so the link will be the relative path to the RH start page, the topic that opens the help as defined in the first page of the RH wizard, then followed by hash and the path to the required topic. Something like


          Take a look at the topic on my site about calling webhelp using urls.