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    Dreamweaver disregards changes in making links


      I making web site first time in my life and of course I'm using Dreamweaver. I have made horizontal and vertical menu and then I made links for few words (in my horizontal menu). I used orange color, Arial font etc. etc. Everything was smooth and easy.

      Then I wanted to make another links and I needed different font size and colors, but suddenly I coudn't do anything and I'm stuck!!! I can't now make ANY link! It seems that Dreamweaver memorized some options without my knowledge or instruction and now doesn't want to accept any of my new order. After the moment of selecting the word and pressing the option 'Make Link' that selected word would all of a sudden change into something I didn't create (for example size - 14 and orange color would change into size 10 and white color!!!)

      Properties also don't accept any of my commands and it seems that Properties work on their own way without me.

      I don't know was I clear, but maybe the best explanation is that my commands and DW values don't match!


      Please, is anybody there who can help me?