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    3 Must have features for front-end developers

    Dugan Nash

      I'm a front-end developer, so these requests are more or less specific to my job.


      Selecting an entire layer


      Currently: If you do a "ctrl-click" on a layer, it selects the layer. However, if you have filters or effects applied to the layer, it does not select those.


      The Problem: Since I cannot select the filters/effects, I have to zoom in on say a button with a drop shadow. I've been using png's heavily in my sites these days, and I want the drop shadow to be on a transparent background. It's difficult to zoom in and find the end of the drop shadow. You can change the transparency grid colors to help out, but it's still difficult and more importantly tedious and time consuming.


      What I want: I would like the ability to select everything on a layer by doing a "shift-ctrl-click" or something. That way if I make a button with a drop shadow, I can select the button and the filters/effects that are applied to it. This would also give me the correct size of the layer as well, which is helpful information to me during html/css layout.


      Organizing Groups/Layers


      Currently: You can create groups from layers, or create a group then drag the layer into the group.


      The Problem: When a PSD starts to get alot of layer/groups, it gets difficult to organize. If I create a new layer, or duplicate a layer group, my next step is to drag that group or layer into the proper group. My PSDs get very long, especially on homepage comps. I have to scroll up and down in the layers window to hunt for my group. Once I find the group I have to drag my new layers into it. This is annoying and clumsy.


      What I want: I want to simply right-click on any layer, group, selected layers, or linked layers and in the right click menu, there should be a "send to" option. The send to should have a tree of the current groups. Then just choose the group you want and the layers/groups etc move there.


      This will save me alot of time especially since my designers are lazy and don't organize things properly.


      Copying layers/groups to other documents


      Currently: To copy a layer/group from one file to another you have to take your files out of tab mode, then select, click and drag the layers/groups from one document to another.


      The Problem: I really enjoy tab mode, and it seems pointless to have to drag the layers/groups from one file to another. There needs to be more ways to accomplish this.


      What I want: I want to stay in tab mode, select my layers/groups and drag them to the tab I want to copy them to. So if I select a button, I should be able to simply drag it to another open file tab and it should copy those layers/groups to that file. Or another option would be to right click on the selected layers/group and do a have a "copy to" option where you can select another open document to send the layers/groups to.