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    Is there a quick way to change all paths??

    jl2000 Level 1

      Hi -


      Crazy idea here.  I have a Flash CS3/AS2 project that when burned on DVD (as Data) exposes many files and folders to users that I would prefer they didn't have access to.   All the user needs to see is "START.EXE" and "START.app".


      I know I probably should have built the project like that from the beginning but that is a long gone opportunity and now I'm looking for options.


      If I try to make the files/folders "hidden" (Toast 9  lets me do that) then Windows doesn't see them to launch the project... it only sees START.EXE.


      If I put all the files inside another folder (_FILES) and then make a shortcut to the EXE for WinXP, and an alias to the APP for Mac outside that folder... it only works on the Mac.  WinXP launches only START.EXE... and is unable to see/find any of the rest of the files that make the project.


      I want to show the user only the START files - nothing else.  All the other files should be concealed in some way or put in another directory.


      There are a few ways to work this on the Mac side but not the WinXP (and probably other WIndows OSs)


      Is there an AS2 way to accomplish this ??


      TIA your input,