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    Page Display Question

    Dog Paw



      I'm new to Dreamweaver and I'm starting my first site.  I created my first web page and it looks good when I first view it in my browser.  My problem is that when I am still viewing the page in my browser and then open the bookmarks, only the right side of the web page is pushed off the screen.  I would prefer that an equal amount on both the left and right sides are cut off instead of just the right side, but I don't know how to do this.


      Thanks, any help would be greatly appreciated.

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          Nancy OShea Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          You'll need to post a URL to your page.  I don't know what you mean from your description.



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            Dog Paw Level 1

            Sorry for the confusion, here's a more detailed description of what I'm aiming for.  Also, I don't have any web pages published or a web host yet so I can't post a URL to my page.


            This Adobe forums page acts just like my web page.  On the right side of this Adobe page, there is a gray and white checkered design.  If the bookmarks (or favorites) are closed (I am using Firefox with a bookmark toolbar on the left side), then the checkered design is pretty wide.  If the bookmark toolbar is opened, then part of the checkered pattern is cut off from view, but the left side of the page is still completely in view.


            Coca Cola's website is more of how I want my website to be:   http://www.coca-cola.com/index.jsp


            On both sides of Coca Cola's website, there is a gray-white gradient.  If the bookmarks are closed, then the gradient pattern on both sides are exactly equal in width.  If the bookmarks are opened, then part of the outside portion the the page is cut off on both the left and right sides quite a bit, but the gradient design widths on the left and right are both still equal in width.


            So if the opened bookmarks are going to cut off part of the web page from view, I would prefer to have both parts of the left and right side removed instead of just the right side.  I tried centering the page by following David Powers' thread, but either I didn't do it correctly or it didn't help with this problem.


            I hope this was clearer.

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              Dog Paw Level 1

              Any ideas?

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                bregent Most Valuable Participant

                Your best bet is to get some web hosting and publish your site. It makes it much easier for folks to guide you.