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    My website loses all artistic attributes on other computers. Please help.


      hello everyone,


      i have two questions really. The first one is how to fix the loss of all colors and sidebars and everything. The website i am designing is www.troyhighkeyclub.webs.com


      the website looks really nice on my computer. I mean when i type in the url into my browser it looks really nice on my computer, but on other computers it is hideous.


      My other question, is what do i do about my links not working. On any computer i try using, i can only navigate to a link once. As in, if i click on the link to events, i can navigate there, but i am unable to go to links other than home.


      Thanks in advance.


      P.S. This is my first week using dreamweaver so please give explicit direcitions if possible. Thanks.