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    Support for using CS5 with Joomla


      So far, the information to get dreamweaver working with Joomla has been non-existent and/or extremely vague.  I've spent my entire Sunday, trying to simply get this to work.


      I ran a local server and followed the adobe tutorial, I uploaded my mysql database file and I either get an error saying that the dynamic-related files could not be reached etc etc etc. error, or I get simply a blank page when I try to view it in the localhost/FOLDER file.


      I am lost.  There is little support for this specific task.  It's my only interest in DW considering I work exclusively with Content Management Systems.  So far setting this up is time consuming, confusing, and well, it simply doesn't work.w


      IS THERE understandable documentation available for setting up the most TALKED ABOUT feature of DWCS5!?!?!?  Is it really even possible?  At this point I am starting even doubt the validity of the posts of people claiming they got this to work.  So far I get a string of unpredictable errors in an extremely complicated and confusing workflow, again, just trying to get the most talked about feature of CS5 to work as advertised.  I'm so frustrated, words cannot express.