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    Communication between NativeWindows with Air 2.0 and Actionscript 3




      I'm starting to learn how to use Air and i've hit a wall.


      My Application has the main window, and then i add a second window called rendererWindow.

      The Application has a MovieClip (movieclipA), and then i create a Custom Class MovieClip which i then add to the rendererWindow.stage.


      In the Custom Class MovieClip, i add an event( enter frame ) to check the properties of movieclipA.

      I've tried everything i can remember but i always get an error.


      i want to do the following:


      customClassMovieclip.x = movieclipA.y (movieclipA is on the main window and customClassMovieclip is added to the rendererWindow.stage)


      How to get properties from Objects in the main window accessed by objects in the other window and vice-versa?