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    Change Domain of CPS website

      I have a website user the CPS server but the domain name has changed and I need to change the connection domain.

      I get a message when I try and connect with dreamweaver saying "The web URL you specified for Contribute Compatibility does not match with the URL registered by Contirbute."

      I press ok and go on but I need to remove the old domain name entirely with the new one.

      I have 30 some users connection to this site with CPS so I need to be sure they don’t loose connections when doing this.

      Does anyone know how to change the domain name in Contribute Publishing Services?

      I’m desperate for an answer to this problem. I don’t find anything in the knowledgebase or online anywhere. It seems very little documentation exists.
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          redbarron Level 1
          I had the same issue as we had CPS connection setup based on the IP address of the CPS server. All was well until we realized that we needed the DNS of the server in there instead. As I recall, making this change in the Admin console on the CPS server (where you define the server path) essentially broke everyone's connection, including mine, which makes sense. However, I got my administrative connection back up in Contribute using the new DNS (domain name vs. IP address), then all the users had to do to reestablish connection was to open Contribute, get past all the dialogs saying their login failed and get to the main screen saying they were not connected and do the following: Click Edit-->My Connections. Then in the dialog box that opened, click the (what is for us) the second connection string (that had a red slash on it) and click the Enable button. This brought up the login screen wherein they used their typical login and clicked the "trust the server" option. This tended to work, although I recall there were some folks who had to re-run the connection key. I hope this helps!