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    localized keyboard problems

      I work in a non English speaking country, so our users use localized keyboards , which have some additional letters, šđčćž, where the us keyboard has the symbols [];'\

      The problem is that flash seems to have some strange way of interpreting key strokes. My problem is this:

      Take a dynamic input text field, with an embedded font, with all the extra local glyphs embedded. Make a swf. Now try typing.
      On a PC, using the local keyboard, it works fine in most cases. I haven't seen it, but I've been told of cases where it didn't. I've already had a banner canceled, because the client couldn't type the local characters.
      On a mac, I haven't yet seen a case where it did work. Not once. And I use a mac at work.

      What happens, instead of working, is this: when I try to type the local characters using the localized keyboard, I get the symbols that I would get if I were using the us keyboard, that is [];'\

      It isn't a font thing, because if I type the characters anywhere else and copy/paste them into the text field, they display fine. If I insert them with actionscript they also work fine, so I guess it has to do with flash and the keyboard.

      I've tried tracing what I get from Key.getCode(), but it seems that it completely ignores which keyboard is selected. It keeps returning codes for the us keyboard.

      I haven't been able to see what happens on a pc where it doesn't work, because I haven't had a chance to actually see that.

      Since with actionscript it works, I wonder if there could be some workaround for this, but I couldn't get anything to work.
      I've tried to have javascript send key events to the flash, which works, but only when the focus is outside of flash. When you click inside it javascript stops getting events until you click outside again.

      If I could somehow detect the keyboard selected I could catch the problem characters and change them.
      I've tried looking at System.capabilities.language, but it keeps returning "en"

      Has anyone met this problem? It's very important, because without local characters I can't have a serious application, website or anything that has an input field in it.. And a lot of our work is targeted ad mac users as much as pc users.

      I'm totally out of ideas, so any help is greatly appreciated.
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          Rothrock Level 5
          Sorry I have nothing to answer, but I would be very interested in finding out any solutions you come across. I too have found that input doesn't seem to respect what input method has been selected. There seems to have been something added in AS3, but it also seems to only be for CJK – I could be wrong.