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    suggestion needed


      Hi everybody,

      Plz visit the site http://www.schematic.com, view the portfolio part.

      How is it created? Can anyone refer me to some kind of help / tutorial which can lead me to create this technique of displaying thumbnails and clicking on that thumbnail, the image comes up (zoom in and zoom out).

      I'm not very experienced with Flash, I believe this site uses extensive AS, XML etc.


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          Ned Murphy Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          Where is the portfolio part?

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            eye_catching Level 1

            You can see the floating menu at the right side, click on the "Our Work" link.

            You can even do a thing, after the site opens, select the zoom-out tool from the same floating menu at the top right. After selecting the zoom-out tool click some where on the page, the page view zooms out. There you can drag the thumbnails of the website pages. Clicking on any thumbnail will zoom-in that page. I want to learn about that functionality, if there is help/tutorial available or somebody could guide me in this.

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              Ned Murphy Adobe Community Professional & MVP

              There are no thumbnails,  That is a movieclip that contains all of the site sections and it is tweened around per the selection made.  When you click the magnifying glass tool, it shrinks that movieclip and enables dragging of it... when you click the magnifying button to enlarge it, it chooses the section of the movieclip that is closest to the center of the screen (not the section you might have selected/wanted) and zooms into it.