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    AdvancedDataGrid not sizing to constraints top-left-bottom-right


      I have a View (SkinnableContainer) that adds various components to the "contentGroup" of its skin. One of these components is an MXML AdvancedDataGrid (ADG) component. The data provider to the ADG is a customized wrapper that implements IList and wraps a matrix (for this example it is 100 rows x 60 columns.) MyADG horizontal and vertical scrollbars are enabled and, when rendered, MyADG adheres to its left, top and bottom constraints (i.e. the vertical size is correct). I expect the right constraint to also produce a margin of 30 but the ADG overflows and is about 1 1/2 screens wide. I've extracted the relevant chunks below and tried many variations on the parameterization. Maybe someone else can see the obvious.







      <s:Group id="contentGroup" top="5" left="5" bottom="30" right="5" clipAndEnableScrolling="true"/>



      file: MyAdvancedDataGrid


      <mx:AdvancedDataGrid xmlns:fx="http://ns.adobe.com/mxml/2009"

      top="30" left="30" bottom="30" right="30"

      horizontalScrollPolicy="on" verticalScrollPolicy="on"                                                 allowMultipleSelection="true"









      override public function set dataProvider(value:Object):void {


      if (value is MyDataProvider) {

      var dp:MyDataProvider = value as MyDataProvider;


      // create and install the grid column headers


      var gridColumns:Array = new Array(colHeadings.length);

      for (var j:int = 0; j < gridColumns.length; j++) {

      var colName:String = colHeadings[j];


      var gc:AdvancedDataGridColumn = new AdvancedDataGridColumn( colName );

      gc.labelFunction = numberLabelFunction;

      gc.width = 60;

      gc.sortCompareFunction = mySort;


      gridColumns[j] = gc;



      columns = gridColumns;


      super.dataProvider = value;



      else {

      super.dataProvider = value;