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    Embed external content in Flex


      Dear Flex Community,



      I am currently looking for a solution for the following problem:


      I would like to embed external web content inside of a Flex RIA. The kind of content should ideally not matter, it could be some html, maybe even contain other client side web content like a java applet or silverlight.

      The content could be displayed inside the Flex RIA, or inside of a (flex) Popup.



      My question is: Is it possible to achive this by using some kind of native API?



      After researching the flex and flash frameworks and of course, using google and looking through this forum as well as the flex cookbook, i did not find a good solution for this.

      I am aware of the ExternalInterface, which can be used to achive something similar (see this cookbook article), but this implementation seems kind of dirty, since it introduces javascript code during runtime, which at least firefox does not seem to accept (the example works fine in IE however).



      Thanks in advance for any clues regarding this matter!