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    Removing ControlBar from Panel


      Hi All,


                     i have added controlBar dynamically to a Panel through actionscript in my application.


      how can i remove that dynamically added controlBar from the panel.


      i am using  like this




      but its not working properly. its not removing.


      is there any other way to remove controlBar.


      Can any one help me regarding this?


      thanks in advance



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          David_F57 Level 5



          how did you add the controlbar ?


          you can hide the controlbar with mypanel.controlBarVisible=false;



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            Raghuvasa Level 1

            Hi David.


                 Thanks for Reply.


                 Here is the code how i am adding controlBar to the panel


                 var controlBar:ControlBar = new ControlBar();

                       controlBar.height = 30;

               its working fine while adding.


              But  after some time i need to add one image to panel. while adding image to panel i need to add controlBar to Panel once again.

               so i need to remove the firstly added controlBar and i have to add new ControlBar.


              but its not removing the firstly added controlBar.


              pls help me regarding this.