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    static text issue/bug?


      Coding in AS3


      Adobe AIR 2.0


      File layout


      Frame 1

      Frame 1 (on the stage) there is a static textfield with some text in it.





      Frame 2

      Frame 2 (on the stage) is blank


      function mainDriver()






        var myNumber:int = 5;

        data_txt.text = String(myNumber);



      Frame 3

      Frame 3 (on the stage) is a Dynamic text textfield called data_txt





      The bug


      What should happen is frame 3 shows the number 5, however it shows nothing???

      It ONLY works when you delete the static textfield in frame 1.


      I have been having Lots of BASIC issue with flash CS5 (using AS3 and AIR 2.0) none of which I had with Flash CS4 (Using AS3 AIR 1.5).


      Does anyone else have this issue, I have tested this file on a few computers and all have the same problem.


      I am also finding that when i copy items from other flash files i get strange issues, none of which i had in cs4.


      Starting to think that flash CS5 is too buggy


      I am running window 7 64bit.


      Any ideas?