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    Getting an error message when saving my artwork in Illustrator 10. (Some images inside)

    Xaxis71 Level 1

      So, I was working on this picture just finely, saving the progress...well, last night, when I went to save what I did before retiring for the night, I got the following error.


      error message.jpg

      I don't know what the deal is, it forcs me to rename the darn file, so I end up with two copies of the same project, and I can't even delete the old one, because it gives me some jibber-jabber about the file being used by some program


      error message2.jpg

      And on a side note, I have another problem...you know when you have thumnail pictures of your .ai files in the My Computer while exploring the files in the folders? Well, I notice that sometimes that some of the file's thumbnails are scrambled and glitchy and look like this;


      scrambled thumbnail.jpg

      rather then this


      good thumbnail.jpg

      I will load the scrambled one in, save as a new name, and try to delete and will get the error message as shown on the 2nd image of this post. I'm totally baffled! Even when I close the program, it still says it's in use....by what? I only use .ai files with Illustrator 10....and am tired of seeing my file's thumbnails go scrambled like that...makes it hard to see what the image is, if I don't recognize the file name.


      Please, I need help.


      Thank you kindly.