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    Can't remove an addon on browser

    lashley22sD Level 1



      After I installed Dreamweaver I think I also installed Adobe Download Manager. Anyway each time I open Firefox is this this box:




      I tried clicking Disable and Uninstall and nothing works, each time I get that popup. I think Dreamwaever f**** it all up because even that tool does not work.


      Also if I try customizing the Browser Toolbar like adding or remoing a new button when I do re open browser the changes are gone...


      One thing I know for sure: I won't visit adobe website anymore after I solve these issues. Even forums and support it's so boring and stupidly made.




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          hans-g. Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          Hi Karl,


          cause your efforts to cancel this are not successful, I suggest using the WIN explorer to look into the interior of the FF directory. There you can delete the AddOn/Extension in question in a sledgehammer method.




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            lashley22sD Level 1

            I already tried that, by going to the Mozilla Folder >> Extensiosn and remove one, the others are isntalled in 2009 so I'm sure I removed any new ones. This problem happened after I installed Dreamweaver I think it's because of that.


            Also I cannot edit my firefox toolbar like adding/removing a button because if I do the next time I open firefox all changes I make get lost.