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    After Effects Project - Erased...from existence?!

    Andrew Yoole MVP & Adobe Community Professional

      Just thought I'd mention this in case anybody has a suggestion.


      Yesterday I spent about 12 hours on a motion graphics project for a client - like I always do.  Nothing particularly unusual about the job, except I had started work on it at the client's premises, and simply copied the project onto my desktop at home for yesterday's work.  I wouldn't normally have a project on the desktop.


      To maintain compatibility with the client I used CS3,  OS is Mac OS 10.5.8.


      Like I say, 12 hours work, with an auto-save every 10 minutes.  2 incremental saves of my own, so there should be several project files in the job folder.


      Rendered with Nucleo Pro, then copied complete job folder back to my laptop for transport to client today.  Erased nothing on either machine.


      At the client today, am confused to find the only project files and/or autosaves are the original Friday version - dated friday, despite the Render files being there from yesterday.  So I check in at home and discover the same thing here.  The render files of the final job exist, but not the project files.


      Nucleo caches the project files it renders - but they're not there either, despite earlier job renders still being in the cache.


      Apple's Time Machine will only show me backups from 9AM yesterday - before I started work on this job.  It seems to have no backups in between, despite the fact that it is supposed to keep backups of every hour for previous 24 hours.


      After Effects has the projects in it's "recent projects" list.  Nucleo has them in it's render history.  But the project files do not exist.


      What the hell is going on?  Anyone ever experienced similar?  Got any ideas where a secret cache of my project might be?