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    Advanced Datagrid + selectedItem


      I seem to have a problem where selectedItem does not work in the AdvancedDataGrid and was wondering if there was a workaround or if I am doing something wrong.


      I have an ADG which has data provier that contains hierarchical Category objects:

      [Bindable] private var _categories:HierarchicalData;


      I get the currently selected category:

      _category = categoriesGrid.selectedItem as CategoryBean;


      I then move the posisiton of the category in the category scheme, and recreate the hierarchical data

      _categories = new HierarchicalData(_categoryScheme.items);


      This is rendereed as expectyed, with the category moved in the hierarchy.  However the line:

      categoriesGrid.selectedItem = _category;


      Does absolutely nothing, nothing is selected, I have also tried to set the selected index and this also does not do anything in this instance.


      Has anybody else experienced this, or am I doing something incorrectly?