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    NativeWindow Overlay performance and flicker

    René Bühling Level 1

      Hello everybody,


      I am trying to create an Air app with a character similar to well known MS Agents. The intensions are that my graphical characters are of free form shape without perceptible window border and that they can move around the full screen.


      In my prototypes I tried two approaches where none of both lead to a perfect solution.


      Version A: I have one big transparent native window. The character graphics are simply added to its stage. This works in general well but especially on weaker systems with big screens the whole things gets perceptible slow. Even if only one character is present at one point on screen it seems to me that a very big buffer (of fullscreen/window size) is rendered in the background which exhausts the system performance.


      Version B: To reduce this effect I tried to create one native window for each character of minimal size. This solves the performance problem, but of course the whole coordinate system has to be handled manually. This again leads to the situation that moving the native window, i.e. when reacting on bounding box changes of the sprite because of drawing/animation actions, tends to flicker. Flickering happens especially on MacOS, on Windows it is there but much more unobstrusive.



      So the question is:


      Are there any known solutions to take load off the cpu for transparent fullscreen overlays or to get rid of the flickering problems when resizing native windows?