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    How to use add image in HTML tag

    vineet osho Level 1

      Hello frndz

                       i  m working on text chat application in adobe  air.using <mx:html/> tag for dispalying text and  images(smiley).but the font size fo flex is diffrent and html diffrent.i  mean i m using 10 font size but it looks too large on  <mx:html/>  component.is there any way to cast them in same size.

      The second and major problem is that it can not add images to html  tag.when i m giving images like:-private var txt:String="<img  src='src\smily\tongue.gif'/>" .

      it shows nothing but when i give images through http path it shows  images on html componenet.

      can any body explain me the problem.



      Thanks And regards

        Vineet Osho