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    How to customize a complex drop-in ItemRenderer/ItemEditor?

    Gene Qian Level 1



      I want to build a complex control which can work both standalone and as drop-in itemrenderer/itemeditor, the control contains:

      1. a TextInput control, which is used to display record ID.
      2. a icon next to the TextInput control, when clicked, a dropdown control will be displayed. (just like DateField control with DateChooser)
      3. In the dropdown control(Opened), including the following compoents:
         3.1) a TextInput control, which acts as search condition input,
         3.2) on the right of the search condition TextInput control, is a button control, when clicked, perform query operation to obtain records.
         3.3) immediate below the above 2 controls, is a DataGrid control which lists records obtained in 3.2.
         3.4) on the bottom right corner, there are two buttons: Ok, Cancel. When a record is selected in the datagrid and Ok button clicked, the record ID will be populated back into the TextInput control in 1.


      Anyone can give some hints or basic pseduo script to start with? I don't know which control can be extended and which methods should be overrided. Thanks a lot.