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    Can't see folder in Dreamweaver


      Hi, I've got a site that was developed in Dreamweaver using templates.  Those pages based off the templates are edited by users using Contribute.  Things have been going smoothly for months.  They are still working, however a sub-folder in the site does not appear in Dreamweaver whether in Local or Remote view.  The folder does exist on the web server and the local file server and it is not hidden.  In fact I have full permissions to it. This is on windows by the way.  Looking through the folders in the site I don't see anything out of the ordinary.  The _baks and _notes folders are there.  At the root level the _mm folder is there.  Then all the content is there of course.  I've refreshed the file listings, I've disabled and enabled the cache, etc.  Regardless of what I've tried I just can't get that sub-folder to show up in Dreamweaver (but the users using Contribute have no issues editing the pages within that folder).