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    Green flashes in videos


      I have had this software for a little over a year, and have only used it for very basic stuff.  Mostly compiling home videos and burning to DVD.  Over the last few months we have had problems with the software.  It imports the videos fine, but will have random green flashes that pop up for a couple of frames in the middle of a video.  I am still using the same camera, the same computer, same everything.  I thought it may be a problem of cutting and splicing videos - something I was doing wrong.  However, tonight I put on one clip about 2 minutes long, let it run through and it flashed the green screen twice.


      The native files are still 100% clear.  No problems with them whatsoever.  It is only when we put the files into the Premiere Elements 7.0 program that we are having issues.  I am running this on a Windows PC with Vista 64 bit Home Premium.  Anyone have any ideas what is going on, and how to fix it?

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          Can you give us some more info, such as the file type/CODEC, or at least the camera make/model used, the Project Preset, and some more info on your system. This ARTICLE will give you tips on the types of info that would be so important.


          Have you updated your video driver?


          Have you updated Apple's QT Pro?


          Good luck, and please let us know a bit more about your Project, Assets and system.