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    RemoteObject in the AIR?

    mark416 Level 1

      I use Remoteobject in AIR that like following:

      <mx:RemoteObject id="userRequest" destination="TEST1" source="flexapp.returnusers">

      But the destination property comes from remoting-config.xml.we release *.air application to someone.
      he install the AIR app in his pc, the mx:RemoteObject doesn't work because the app can not find remoting-config.xml.

      Please give me a idea how to handle the AIR release issue.



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          anirudhs Level 2

          The information in remoting-config.xml gets compiled into the application as long as your services-config.xml is passed as a compiler argument and there is an include to remoting-config.xml in your services.

          Do note that if you have tokens like '{server.name}' in services-config, it will not work. You will need to have the complete URL in services-config.xml.