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    How do I Embed Direct Cable TV Feed into AIR

    davidcahan Level 1

      I think I've read that AIR2 will have support for native embedding of direct cable tv feeds into AIR frameworks, however we need to do it now.  our customers have already been promised that their units will support this (bad CEO, bad CEO.  don't promise something until you see it work).  our product is AIR/flash based and allows "zones" on a unit to be filled with media.  typically this media is flash.  Now we need to fill a zone with a direct cable tv feed (cable integrated into unit via a TV tuner stick).


      We have been trying to use VLC player but that has been an uphill battle.  We can't even get it to work reliably in-house so until that happens we aren't comfortable releasing.


      Can anyone help me figure this out?  Can I embed a direct cable feed into AIR?  If not, how is it typically done?  Documentation you can point me too?  Is there some better way that if we streamed the TV out from a server we could do this? (this would be a last option but I could probably convince my CEO to do it if there was no other way)