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    RoboHelp CHM Web/FlashHelp Output Issue

    MeWrite Level 1

      So, I am debating on the output to create for my client and would love any and all opinions you have about CHM vs Web/FlashHelp outputs. Here's the scenario:


      My client is upgrading their current software. The new software is a Win Product sitting on a .NET platform. The vendor provided a customized map file (meaning they are not using .h, .hh or .hhm from RH) and CHM files. The application is deployed on a Citrix server and calls the CHM on the same Citrix server.




      1)  Create a customized help and deploy a CHM then add the new CHM to their map files.

      2)  Create a Web/FlashHelp and deploy on a windows server (with (hopefully) RoboServer 8 for the added features).




      1) Does it make sense to create a Web/FlashHelp output and link it to the Win application?

      2) Is the added cost to customize the help from the CHM to the Web/FlashHelp worth the added expense and time?

      3) With the Win software sitting on a Citrix server are there any benefits to the .Net part of the application I can leverage?