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    loading content into project/timeline from http listener




      I have an application which helps producers/researchers browse and search for video assets. Once they have located one or more assets, I would like to be able to "push" them over to Premiere Pro.


      The browser is written in Silverlight, so the only mechanism it has to communicate with Premiere Pro would be via http. I think what I need is a plug in which has an HttpListener listening on a specific port, so that the silverilght application can post information (in edl/xml format) to the port the plugin is listening on. The plugin will then load the assets (mms video streams or files from uris) into the project and/or timeline.


      I would like to write this either using Flex or the Premiere Pro SDK. I need it to run on both Windows and the Mac.


      If anyone can provide any pointers, I would be very grateful.





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          Zac Lam Adobe Employee

          Hi Nigel,


          This doesn't fit into the framework of any plug-in developed using the Premiere Pro SDK.  However, you might be able to accomplish what you're looking for by using a helper app to programatically create the FCP XML with the assets and sequence desired, copying it to local storage, and then simulating a drag-and-drop of the XML into the Project panel.

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            NigelLeeming Level 1

            Hi Zac


            Thanks for the information.


            Can you clarify this a little for me? If I understand what you have written, I have to create an XML file using FCP format which I save to local storage, then use something like SendMessage in another application to programatically initiate a drop sequence of the file onto the Premiere Pro window. I would have to write two applications, one for the Mac, and one for the PC, using Visual Studio and Objective C rather than use the SDK.


            Is that correct?


            Can you also tell me if a plugin written in Flash/Flex can communicate in any way with the application, such as to automate a file/open sequence. I ask this because I believe Flash can listen on an http port, and avoid the need for separate apps on the Mac and PC.


            What you suggest appears possible, but tying it together in a way invisible to the user might be a bit tricky.





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              Zac Lam Adobe Employee

              Hi Nigel,


              Right, the SDK wouldn't be involved for any of this type of development.  Unless you could find a cross-platform way to handle some things like the drag-and-drop, then you'd need to provide two different helper apps, one for each platform.


              Currently there's no scripting call or public API to send files such as FCP XMLs to be opened by Premiere Pro.  I'm not sure if Flex offers a way to do this.  A good question for the Flex Forums!


              We'll be interested to hear what method you decide on!