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    Unable to Add a Hyperlink to an Image... Please Help!


      I'm trying to simply add an image to a page that links to an existing page...


      If you'll look at this lady's home page (http://nhcr4u.com), the /index.htm page doesn't allow me to add an image (image/hcg_more.gif -- lower left side... a green block with the words, "HCG Weight Loss: Learn More!") with a simple hyperlink (/hcg.htm). I thought that I could just add an image map, but no... I can't get ANY sort of link to work.


      ANY idea how to make this work? This site was built by someone else... the Client fired them after spending thousands of dollars and getting a poor level of service (and ongoing $$$ before refusing to launch the site)... so I'm hosting them and trying to take care of them, as I start working on my web building skills again.


      ANY assistance would be GREATLY appreciated!


      Kind regards,