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    Blurry logo when exporting from illustrator to dreamweaver

    peterguy1 Level 1

      Hi, everyone,


      I have a simple logo consisting of two words that I created in illustrator for use on a website I'm creating in dreamweaver. I started by converting the text to outlines, positioning the letters, and then scaling the logo as I needed to. It looks great in the AI window, but I'm having trouble getting it to be clear and crisp in dreamweaver. I have rasterized the logo and saved it for the web in several different forms. It looks decent in the dreamweaver window, buy when I click F12 and view it in internet explorer, it still looks a tad blurry. The best luck I've had is when I have rasterized it with "Type Optimized: hinted". It's decent, but I still think I should be able to get a crisper look. I'm new to the adobe creative suite, and I'd appreciate any tips you can give.