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    Linking to specific cells in an Excel spreadsheet no longer working


      I use RoboHelp HTML version 7 and just upgraded to MS Office 2007.  I have project that contains hyperlinks to specific cells in an Excel spreadsheet using the following syntax: <a HREF="../file_name.xls#cell_name">  (a tip I found on Peter Grainge's website).  This worked fine with Office 2003.


      With Office 2007, however, the hyperlink opens the Excel spreadsheet to the first cell on the first tab regardless of the the #cell_name suffix.  I've tried the following with no success:


      • delete the .xls baggage file, convert the .xls to the newer .xlsx format, add the .xlsx as a baggage file, rename the hyperlinks to .xlsx (in HTML view), generate new output
      • same as above but re-creating the hyperlinks (rather than just renaming)


      When I preview the topic, the hyperlink is active but does not open the spreadsheet (topic cannot be found).  In the generated output, the hyperlink is not even a hyperlink (just plain old text).


      Another unusual behavior (I have no idea if this is related) -- before I tried to fix this, when the original spreadsheet (.xls) opened in "compatibility mode," it was not maximized in Excel's window.  When I used to open this in Office 2003, it was always maximized.


      Does anyone know if the #cell_name suffix works in Office 2007?  Is there another way to link to a specific cell?