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    Can anyone help with an out of memory error on CS2?




      I have been battling with an out of memory error on a dell laptop running 2gb of ram. I have had no prior issues with this laptop running CS2 until last week when I started getting the out of memory errors. I have seen several articles about this occuring on later versions of illustrator. Just prior to this issue appearing I had to delete and rebuild the main user profile on the computer due to it consistently logging into a temporary account.


      Once the new profile was established and all user documents and profile settings were transferred back into it, this problem started showing up. The error occurs when clicking on files listed as Illustrator files, and when opening the illustrator suite. Once I click on the out of memory error it still continues to load illustrator. The files are located on a server and not on the remote computer. I have tried to copy the files to the local hard drive with the same result when I try to open them. I also tried to change the extension to .pdf and got no further. I tried to open a file and recreate the work and all I got was the black outline of the fonts. none of the other artwork appeared. once rebuilt, when trying to save, It gives the out of memory error and does not save the file.


      Illustrator was installed on another dell laptop, same model, etc and works fine. no problem accessing network files. I just attempted to use Illustrator from the admin profile on the machine in question and it works fine and lightening fast. Just not from the new rebuilt profile. I have tried to uninstall and reinstall the software. it has not helped. could there be stray configuration settings that we transfered over to the new profile that should not have been?


      Any insights will be helpful.


      Thank You,

      Brad Yeutter