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    xfaform/pdf issue




      We have a workflow where a user fills a form (.xdp ) and submits it from the workspace.




      In Livecycle  7, we have used the user action where the input form was mapped to a xdp variable  and when the user submits it , the form is configured to be submitted as a pdf  and the submitted pdf is stored in a document variable. This is done so that the attachments and digital signatures get propagated to the next stage and  also so that the form data is written to a mssql server database using  javascript in the form.




      We are trying to recreate this workflow in  Livecycle ES2. However, this approach does not seem to work.  The input form is  assigned to a xfaform variable (since  there is no option in ES2 to assign it to xdp variable)  and when user submits it , the form is configured to be submitted as a pdf and is stored in a  document variable. 


      With this settings, when the user submits the form, the workflow stalls with the following error:




      2010-05-10 07:06:02,175  ERROR [org.jboss.ejb.plugins.LogInterceptor]  TransactionRolledbackLocalException in method: public abstract java.lang.Object com.adobe.idp.dsc.transaction.impl.ejb.adapter.EjbTransactionCMTAdapterLocal.doSupports(c om.adobe.idp.dsc.transaction.TransactionDefinition,com.adobe.idp.dsc.transaction.Transacti onCallback) throws  com.adobe.idp.dsc.DSCException, causedBy:
      com.adobe.workflow.datatype.InvalidCoercionException: Cannot coerce  object: com.adobe.idp.taskmanager.form.impl.xfa.XFARepositoryFormInstance@1cdddcf of type: com.adobe.idp.taskmanager.form.impl.xfa.XFARepositoryFormInstance  to type: com.adobe.idp.Document                     




      Since, the workflow errors out when trying to  convert to the document datatype , we have also tried the following alternatives:


      ·         Input form mapped to a document variable and submitted as pdf when user submits it. This does not give any error but the javascript (triggered when the user submits the  form) which writes to a mssql server database using xpath expressions does not work.


      ·         Input form mapped to a xfaform variable and  submitted as xdp when user submits  it. This also does not give any error but the attachments which the originator adds  to the form are not visible at the next stage (at the next user assign task) .  The show attachments and  notes property checkbox in user assign task is also checked.


      Can you please help us achieving the below  requirement in Livecycle ES2 which we were able to implement in Livecycle 7:


      ·         When the user fills and submits the form, a javascript in the form writes the form data to the mssql server database


      ·         The attachments and the signatures added to the form propagates to the next user tasks





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          $Nith$ Level 4

          The input form is  assigned to a xfaform variable (since  there is no option in ES2 to assign it to xdp variable):


          Can you try to make you input form variable type as XML? I hope its better to save your form data in XML instead of XFA Instance.

          But I am not not sure about carry forwarding the signatures to next stage.