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    MAC | stroke style stipple crashes on test movie/ publish in cs3 cs4


      stroke style stippled crashes when testing movie or trying to publish.


      I have done some tests where I've drawn a random animation of just strokes say 10 frames with a solid style. Then I've used the same animation but changed the style to Stippled (also with edits to that stroke style ie very dense) and it CRASHES when i try to play the movie.


      This is VERY frustrating for such a seemingly simple change on such a basic part of flash!!!!!!


      This problem is on cs4 and I have also check Flash cs3 at my uni and it does exactly the same when i tried the test again (I made a new clean animation just to make sure it wasnt the files falt)so its not a problem with my computor but the software!


      found out this search result with the same problem http://www.actionscript.org/forums/archive/index.php3/t-41241.html so im not the only one...


      is it just on the mac versions?


      This is very anoying as i have a project in on friday and thought this style went with what i was working with