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    Hardware for Premiere Pro CS5

    Qurve Learning, LLC Level 1

      I am considering purchasing a fully configured system to run Production Premium CS5.


      If you have experience with any suppliers of such systems, including ADK Video Editing, and are willing to share, would you private message me?




      Sara Caprenter

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          the_wine_snob Level 9



          In the Hardware sub-forum, Harm Millaard has posted several great articles on hardware requirements, for nearly every aspect/sub-system, and he's updated many, or most, for CS5.


          Good luck, and happy reading,



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            Jeff Bellune Level 6

            Sara: PM not working with your screen name.


            I have a system built by ADK.  They put  together a dual quad-core Xeon system with 16 GB RAM and 2 RAID0 HDDs, plus system and data disks.   I  had to replace some of the Seagate disks they used, but that was Seagate's fault, not theirs.  Getting new disks under warranty from ADK was a breeze.


            I run a suite of video editing and graphics programs, but I also run a bunch of other stuff.  I've never had a blue-screen crash, either with the installed Vista 64 or now on my new Windows 7 x64.  I can only recall one system lock-up, and I still don't know what caused that.  The  system is almost 2 years old.  Eric really knows his stuff.  But so do I, so although my experience with ADK has been above-average, so  has almost all of my other experiences with purchased computers, including my old Dell.  My computing habits may be part of my success with ADK.   All said in the interest of full disclosure.



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              Qurve Learning, LLC Level 1

              Jeff - Thanks. Your input is helpful. I spoke with ADK today and am considering the purchase of one of their systems (with the GTX 285).


              Thanks for responding.



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                hewiepro Level 1

                Jeff  and anybody else...

                who/what are ADK?? how do they work and are prices comparable to off/the/shelf systems from the brand names??


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                  Harm Millaard Level 7

                  Off the shelf from brand names are almost always lousy for video editing, because they target at gamers or general public and do not know SH*T about editing requirements.

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                    Qurve Learning, LLC Level 1

                    Here's an update on my situation...


                    Assuming I can work out payment terms, I think I'm headed toward purchasing a fully configured system (with the GTX285) from ADK. For me (a one person shop for the moment), buying a fully configured sytem that is designed to be compatible with CS5 ( including hardware, drivers, settings, etc...with a 2 year warranty and lifetime technical support) is the best option. I can focus on producing content while ADK will serve as my "IT" department for the system.


                    I recognize that I could probably find or build a system less expensively - but every hour spent  troubleshooting hardware, operating system, driver, and software issues is an hour not spent developing content. I don't mean for this to sound like a "commercial" for ADK... but I'm figuring there may be others in a similar siutation exploring a similar situation.


                    I appreciate feedback regarding ADK... and will be happy to share my experience as well.



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                      I would stick to HDD's only From Western Digital and Samsung.