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    Can Fireworks link to images?

    miba1 Level 1
      Hi, I want to buy Fireworks, but I need to know... If I import an image, say a jpeg, and then I make the image smaller, then bigger again, and I do this 10 times over, will the image become all messed up? Is there any way to avoid this problem? I currently use Illustrator for web work. I rely on being able to link to external images because I do catalogs among other things, and these images need constant rescaling so they match each other.

      Thanks - Mike
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          JoeDaSilva Level 4
          Yes, *if you make the image a symbol first*. Otherwise when you resize the image, it will be significantly degraded when you go from small to large.

          This is of course speaking strictly of raster images (photos). Just like in Illustrator, if you draw a vector shape, you can resize until your heart's content.
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            miba1 Level 1
            Thanks! It would suit me if Fireworks would link to images like Illustrator does. Sometimes I have 25 or more images in one file, just so i can size them up consistently. Moreover, in principle it is useful to have one master file which you could choose to update (such as color correct) and have that master ripple through to all the links that use it.

            On the other hand Illustrator's interface for the web is not quite as good as fireworks. But if I go the symbol method, I will have some massive files...

            (...and Imageready? Too much hassle picking through layers for me...and the same no-link problem...)

            ...I'll think it over. Thanks again
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              Level 1
              Limije - What are the sizes of the images you are talking about? Id be interested to know since we are improving performance for Fireworks 10.

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                miba1 Level 1
                Master images are mostly psd files, average 15mb, range 300kb to 100mb. In my situation I have about 500 such files and that is a pretty modest number. They get used over and over in various contexts

                I don't mind the symbol approach in fireworks, it's just that having to work with a 100mb fireworks file (how could it be smaller?) seems not as desirable as a 5mb Illustrator file that contains links rather than imported images. But if anybody recommends it, I'm listening.

                Thanks for asking