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    Rms equalization in Audition


      We would like to normalize some *.wav file to a specific average rms level.  What set of functions/steps best accomplishes this?  The normalize function does not seem to be based on rms of the file.   Any input would be appreciated.  Thanks!

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          Anig Browl

          Use 'Group Waveform Normalize' on the edit menu in Edit mode (which also works for single files) and uncheck the option for 'Use Equal Loudness Contour'. This will give you accurate RMS with no weighting. I think the Normalize option on the Effects|Amplitude menu is A-weighted (see http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/A-weighting).

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            SteveG(AudioMasters) Level 6

            Eddy Robinson wrote:


            I think the Normalize option on the Effects|Amplitude menu is A-weighted

            Actually it isn't - it's just analysed to a normal loudness contour, and they aren't quite the same as A-weghted ones, although the 40-phon one is supposedly what the A curve is based on. Adobe haven't actually specified which contour though, so all bets are off, really.

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              Spamhunter Level 1

              I have trouble finding an answer to this. In Sound Forge, I can apply an average RMS normalisation to say, -15dB, and when I measure it, it's -15dB. I cannot find how to do this among the tools in Adobe. The "Total RMS Amplitude" level in Amplitude Statistics seems to correspond to this, but how do I adjust an audio file to this setting?

              Speech Volume Leveler* seems to be the closest I can get, but I don't know exactly what "Target Volume Level" (RMS) refers to. It isn't "Total RMS Amplitude" as in Amplitude Statistics.


              (* Never mind the fact that "Speech" is a human interpretation of what an audio signal represents & is the kind of effect description more common in less technical, general public freeware).

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                _durin_ Adobe Employee

                Try opening the Match Volume panel from the Window menu and dragging your files there.