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    Using Data/Services to connect to NY Times API


      I'm new to flex and have been trying to use the NY Times API to import xml data.  After clicking the Data/Services tab and selecting "xml" I click the "path" button and insert my path


      http://api.nytimes.com/svc/books/v2/lists/BooksPaperback.xml?&api-key={my api key here}


      After clicking invoke I get a results set and Service Details so I know I am getting a response from the API.  However... I get this error at the top 'Parameter names can only contain letters, number and "_".'  .  I guess it doesn't like the use of 'api-key' but I'm not sure how that has an effect on the information being returned and why it matters?  Either way, I cannot click "finish" to use this data.  Is there anything I can do?  Thanks in advance to any help I receive


      NY Times API docs here: http://developer.nytimes.com/docs/best_sellers_api#h3-example-request