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    some advice and help with sound please


      i have just upgraded! to premier elements 8. when i import a dvd all the sound plays when viewed on the preview but as soon as i drag it down to become the next clip everything is heard (background music, dogs barking chit chat etc) except the voices of the actors. any suggestions would be appreciated. of course just to frustrate me it doesn't happen on all clips

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          the_wine_snob Level 9

          This is extremely odd, as if all of the sounds are heard in the DVD, you are working with that mixed Audio Stream. PrE does not break this apart, i.e. un-mix the Stream from the DVD.


          When played on either a computer through DVD player software, or on a TV through a set-top player, do you hear all frequencies?


          When you have Imported the VOB, do you hear everything in the Source Monitor?


          Are you saying that when you drag the Clip to the Timeline, suddenly the frequency ranges of human speech disappear? That is very, very hard to accomplish with a professional Audio editing program, let alone have it happen automatically and accidentally in PrE.


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