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    Matrox Says No Drivers For CS5 Until Fall


      OUCH!  Anybody have a work-around or beta driver for RTX2 or AxioLE now?  How about which video capture/accelerator cards work with CS5 Premiere Pro?

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          Curt Wrigley Level 4

          My advice; sell the card before its worth zero.

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            Pijetro Level 1

            You mean to say that Matrox promises to make drivers, and plugins to work with 64bit instruction sets (CS5)?

            Talk about support..They'd have to totally re-write everything


            Considering, that this card has been around since CS2.0, i'd be surprised that Matrox would even attempt it. Sales must be good.

            I was thinking of getting rid of my RT.X2 card, due to the magic that CS5.0 promises...But heck, i might just keep it kicking around for a bit longer..



            THANX MATROX 


            I'll send Harm the good news.

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              FelixUnderwood Level 2

              Now here's a thread thats near and dear to my editing workflow. I have a Matrox Axio LE, which I think is comparable to MPE, and I'm stuck, in that all of the footage I've digitized to a Matrox AVI won't import into CS5 w/o the hardware card and drivers. So it's making it difficult to upgrade to CS5. Matrox plans on making the LE compatible with CS5 (they won't say when on the Axio LE Forum), but I can't imagine the benefit...oh yeah, other than being able to use all of my Matrox encoded AVIs! Performance-wise though, I can't see the benefit, for the Matrox LE, revolutionary in its time, was released in early 2006. That's Smithsonian material in our fast moving, hi-tech industry. If any fellow Matrox Axio LE users have suggestions for encoding my Matrox Axio LE AVIs to a CS5 compatible format, I'm all ears. I mean eyes!

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                digitlman Level 1

                It's an interesting conundrum for us matrox users. I am anxiously awaiting CS5 drivers but wonder exactly what they will accomplish for us. I am the first to knock matrox when something goes wrong just like anyone else, but on the other hand, when the axio works it is a really wonderfull thing. I was just playing around in my good old CS4 on my 3 year old computer with my axio card. Had a HD project running 1 hd video in the background and 5 HD video clips all chromakeyed and overlayed, scaled and moving around the screen with 3 of them being color corrected. All in realtime, output HD-SDI perfectly in realtime. no red line, no rendering. Now i know MPE can apparently do this same function, but how much do i have to spend on a gfx card to beat the axio card?  the Highest end Quadro-FX 5800 card they certified is $3000.  Where does that leave us axio users?

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                  jssink Level 1

                  I too am a long time AxioLE and RTX2 person(2 systems) and the news that they would get Mercury to work on it was uplifting while the wait will be interminable.  I am advised by both other long time users and my excellent contact at Matrox that the  GeForce GTX 285 is an excellent choice for taking advantage of Mercury at around $450 retail.  Not quite Quadro specs but very close .This is a good review with info on possible Merc cards.

                  http://www.studiodaily.com/main/technique/craft/f/editing/Adobe-Premiere-Pro-CS5_12107.htm l

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                    FelixUnderwood Level 2

                    The only problem with all of the MPE demos I've seen is that they don't tell you what accompanies the video card they're demoing on i.e. processor they're using, RAM, AND hard drive configuration. Harm's got a 12-drive array or something like that. I bet he's enjoyed MPE-like playback for years!

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                      SiliconPixel Level 1

                      I'm a long term Matrox user too - Digisuite, RTx100, Axio LE


                      I've now decided to ditch the Matrox Axio - just too many problems, glitches etc - after editing for 6 months without it, I've noticed a much more stable workflow


                      I never really used the SDI in/outs anyway, so have lost very little. With CS5 now - performance is amazing. Especially good is the fact I can preview 100% quality in the preview windows (unlike the Matrox drivers which are resolution limited). To me, this was essential, even though I have broadcast monitors.


                      So, bye bye Matrox!