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    Help with gotoAndPlay (as2.0)


      Hi all,

      Im trying to make a navbar in flash for my new site, and am having some problems. Last time I used flash was about 4-5 years ago, so bare with me, my actionscript might be rusty. Im trying to have a stop command at frame 1, and then when I rollover each button it will jump to a different frame, run about 10 frames, and then stop again. I feel like I used to do something like this (actionscript2.0):


      \\on the frame



      \\on the button

      on(release) {




      But it is just showing errors. I have cs4 and am trying to use as2.0 because its what I'm used to, but if someone knows how to do this in 3.0, that would also work out swell. Thanks for any help.