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    RoboHelp v 9.20, build 566 vs Adobe RoboHelp 6

      Is anyone in a position to compare RoboHelp v 9.20, build 566 with Adobe RoboHelp 6?

      Adobe RoboHelp 6 is in my cabinet, and I'm just wondering if I should install it. Will this eliminate more problems than it will create?

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          Peter Grainge Adobe Community Professional (Moderator)
          There's always that risk with upgrading any piece of software. Not too many people who support the forum will have been working with 9.2 for a long time so all we can advise is what posts we see. Nothing I can think of but then again, not too many people generally who go so many versions between upgrades. That's not meant as any criticism, just plain fact.

          Take a backup and go for it. Otherwise, why buy it in the first place?