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    Movie renders without audio


      I've just finished editing a project in Elements 8, and when I playback from within the application I can hear all the audio.  But when I save the project as a .mpeg file, the end result has no audio in it at all.


      I output the project a second time as an .avi file, and the audio was included, but the file size was much bigger and the video quality poorer.


      I've never run into this issue with my previous projects, but then again I've done much more audio editing in this project than the others, which only used the audio from the video clips.  For this project, I am using a combination of .mp3, .wav and the camera audio in order to add all the effects I wanted.  I also have an animated .gif file in there as well.


      Any ideas as to why I'm getting no audio in my final file?


      Thanks in advance!!





      Specs on my system:


      Window 7 Ultimate

      Intel Core i7 950

      6  GB Ram

      Dual GForce 9800 GTX video cards, SLI enabled.

      EVA  E758-a1 motherboard.


      I have installed the latest patch from Adobe, and also  have the latest video drivers installed as well.