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    Passing Var values to Flash from Director

    carl_si Level 1

      I currently have a SWF file that we set vars with using a HTML file.  Here are the vars I sent in html:

      var flashvars = {   path: "1.mov",   caption: "captions.xml",   navigation: "nav.xml" };


      I needed to use the same SWF file in a Director project.  So I imported the SWF file, put it in the time line, and setup a frame script as follows:


      on enterFrame me

      sprite(1).setVariable("path", "1.mov")

      sprite(1).setVariable("caption", "captions.xml")

      sprite(1).setVariable("navigation", "nav.xml")

      go to the frame

      end enterFrame me


      This is not working.  Is the Lingo correct?

      The entire html file is located here: http://dl.dropbox.com/u/3238031/index.html


      Any help would be appreciated.