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    Firewire IEEE 1394: Capture Card vs. On-Board Motherboard


      I should know the answer to my question, but I don't...really. To capture video in my current computer, I had to install a video capture card with an IEEE 1394 Port.  It is my understanding that there are motherboards that have "on-board" IEEE 1394 Firewire. If I purchase such a motherboard, does that mean I will not need a video capture card? In the specs of motherboards they will give the number of available IEEE 1394 Rear Panel Ports. Do these ports connect to "on-board" firewire and can they be used to capture video? Please set me straight. Thanks.

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          nealeh Level 5

          If your motherboard has a live FireWire port then you will not need an additional card (unless you intend to simultaneously have more FireWire devices connected than ports available).


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            the_wine_snob Level 9

            I agree with Neale. One consideration is the number of controller chips you have on either the MoBo connections, or your card.


            Why is that important? Especially with Capture from a camera, it is always best to ONLY have the camera hooked to a separate controller chip. Some MoBo's and cards, might have multiple connectors, but they may all feed through a single chip. That might well preclude having any other FW device hooked to any of the other connections. Sometimes, it's tough to tell the number of IEEE-1394 chips, unless one has a good schematic of the board/card and the various chips are shown.


            If one uses other FW devices, then the chip count will likely matter. While I have 4 MoBo connectors w/ 2x chips, I also have a multi-chip 4x connector card, plus a multi-chip 6x FW-1394b (FW-800) card.


            The two things that you wish to avoid is daisy-chaining ANY camera, and connecting a camera to any shared chip. If I had a card already, and did not need to include it with the old computer, and had a spare slot on the MoBo, I'd install it too, but then I usually have 4-6 FW-800 externals, plus maybe 4 FW-400 externals, and still have empty chips available for my camera.


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