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    KONA Don

      Aloha all,

      I have CS-4 Prod. Prem.  I'm unsure if Photoshop or After effects is the right program to use for this creation.  I do not have Dreamweaver.


      I want to create a web page that has a series of 25 boxes of equal pixel dimensions (144 x 108), within a grid space that's 720 x 540 pixels.

      In the center box I want the text "ENTER".  When the text is mouse clicked, I want the action to take me to page 2.

      Within each of the remaining 24 boxes, I want a video clip that range in time from 4-10 sec.playing on a loop.  Each clip is an MPEG4 file and has 1440 x 1080 resolution.

      Thus far I've created the grid space and the 25 boxes.  Each box is in its own layer.  The center box has the word "ENTER" and I have it sized, colored, shaded and hilighted to my satisfaction.  The background behind the TEXT is grey, the background in each box is checkerboard.  I'm using the "WEB" workspace.

      My questions are

      1) how do I make the text react to a mouse click,

      2) how do I get my clips to show up in each box.

      Can you just send me to the training lessons or help text that will begin to guide me thru my maze.